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Movement Continuum is a contemporary dance company that was founded on a dedication to promote evolution and growth, not only in the dance community, but also in home communities. Movement Continuum exists because five dancers, who happened to also be best friends, decided it was time to create performance opportunities for themselves. They decided they wanted to dance the way they wanted to dance, choreograph their own shows, design their own costumes, but mostly they all just wanted to create and longed to be part of an artistic process that was truly a collaboration.  So they founded their own dance company.  They eat meals together, laugh together, and consistently push each other to accomplish more as dancers, choreographers, and women. They hope to bring change, enlightenment, entertainment, and awareness to their community by encouraging dialogue through their performances.  Movement Continuum is made of dancers, choreographers, activists, artists, photographers, teachers, jewelry designers, and poets. They are now working on their premiere performance and thinking this is probably one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

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