About Movement Continuum

Mission Statement

Movement Continuum exists to provide exposure and education opportunities in dance and art to the people in its community.

About Us

In November 2010, five friends gathered for a Thanksgiving “Friendsgiving”. The five friends were young, the oldest only 24, and each brought their best culinary attempt at Thanksgiving fare. Lounged around the living room after a surprisingly successful meal, bellies full, their conversation turned to its usual stage: dance. They had all been dancers since toddlerhood and this common love of their art bonded them. After a resounding “What if?!” and an elaborately complicated conversation, the five friends decided to create for themselves. They decided to found their own professional contemporary dance company. These five friends are our
"Founding Mothers": Kate Hadfield-Antonetti, Courtney Moreno, Erica Spitz, Cara Terry, and Brooke Thomas.

In November 2011, nearly one year since their post-casserole dreaming, the Founding Mothers celebrated a new kind of Friendsgiving by premiering their first production as movement continuum, Lexington’s original contemporary dance company. There were only three other dancers outside of the Founding Mothers and 11 pieces in the show, Flaming Youth. Nervous wrecks backstage, pacing and wondering if anyone would even come, they watched the technical director of their theatre, the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, fly around the curtain. "We have to add chairs to the floor! You sold out and more people are in the lobby wanting tickets!" This was movement continuum’s fairytale moment.

The dreams for movement continuum have gotten bigger and more complicated as the seasons have passed, but MC experienced its most brilliant victory yet by claiming offical, nonprofit 501(c)3 status on October 2, 2017. Since 2011 and Flaming Youth, movement continuum has continued to set its bar higher and higher with more extravagant shows, more dancers, and more magic.

From the Director, Kate

I have said more times than I could possibly count that movement continuum is my life’s work. In the beginning, in 2011, I believed it to be true. I had dream after dream of what MC could be. But, now, I do not just believe it to be true, I know. MC has changed each of us, each of its dancers and choreographers. I know it has morphed our community. It has brought magic to stages, opportunity to artists, and a new, ever-evolving tribe of dancers. We stick together. We laugh together, eat meals together, share victory and failure. We let one another be loud. We let one another be quiet. We let each other be.

You know, I am always looking forward. I’m wholly invested in every production, every dancer, every moment of every season, but I can’t help myself. I’m always looking forward. I wonder. I dream. I pray (a lot). I envision myself at the Downtown Arts Center, 50 year old with dancers half my age flying through the grid, spinning like tops. I picture them strong. I picture MC celebrating its 25 th anniversary. I picture MC celebrating its 50th . By that time, I will be very old, very gray and feel very blessed if I get to just sit in the booth on opening night and smile.

I believe in purpose. I believe each dancer who comes through movement continuum, or stuck with MC from the early years has left fingerprints of their time, talent, dedication, and the beauty they were gracious enough to share. I believe each of us is participating in the purpose of leaving something great to our city. I believe MC was created not by chance, but out of a need for contemporary dance in Lexington. I know we each have purpose here, in this city, in this company.

All of this is to say, when I look forward, I don’t see the end. I see new season after new season. I see years and winters more of auditions and technique classes. I see more victory and more dinners together. I see all of this because of you, the person who sits and reads what we have to say on our website. The person who comes to our shows and buys our tickets. Without our community, we are nothing. With our community, we are decades.